Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fred Thompson; "Dumb As Hell!"

Apparently, Nixon didn't think too highly of Fred Thompson. Sure we can go to the archive ourselves and find the out takes, if you like. But here's a snip or two:

Nixon was disappointed with the selection of Thompson, whom he called "dumb as hell." The president did not think Thompson was skilled enough to interrogate unfriendly witnesses and would be outsmarted by the committee's Democratic counsel...

..."Fred (Thompson) and Baker carried water for the White House, but I have to give them credit — they were watching out for their interests, too," Kutler said. "They weren't going to mindlessly go down the tubes for this guy.
Nice GOP contender, eh?


Neil Shakespeare said...

Hi Spike, Neil here. Good to hear from you and thanks for the comment over at my resurrection blog. Yeah, that Thompson shit is hilarious, isn't it? Best,...Neil

Kvatch said...

To quote former Senator Thompson from one of my favorite films, "This will get out of control, and we'll be lucky to live through it."

enigma4ever said...

Okay ...What Film is it Kvatch ????- now this is going to keep me awake ...shoot...hmmm...

Now back to Fred...well, he coached ALL of the Bush lovelies....harriet, monica, and the SCOTUS nominees, and hwo knows prob. he's batting a 1000....what a toad...and Nixon didn't respect him- well that says it all.....How many of the Nixon Brigade has Bush 43 "utilized"?
6.Fred Feilding

Hmm, I feel like I am forgetting some....

Good post Windspike...

( my worst nightmare is that Dick will go in for surgery and I will come home and find Fred being "nominated" ak annointed as VP....oh and how that would suck....)

Anonymous said...

How would you prefer to be estimated by an ememy?

''A man of great wisdom often appears slow-witted.''

Chinese proverb