Thursday, June 21, 2007

Whistle Blowers

There is something topsy-turvy with our society where folks perpetrating all manner of unethical, illegal, and downright murderous behavior are prosecuted less than those who blow the whistle on them are persecuted for doing so. It all amounts to who your friends are and how much capital you have, regardless of how you earned said capital, it seems.

One such whistle blower is Enigma4ever. Apparently, she is writing a tell all book that is forthcoming that explains her situation.

Have a look at a slice from her most recent blog post:
And now it is indeed Time for the Truth.
Remember this always , I am a nurse and a mom, I have integrity and honor, I never "Run" away from anything, and I certainly never ever give up or bail on things or people that matter. Blogatopia matters to me, and so do my friendships. My friends are my family, but I never ever call you all "Sweeties".And due to my circumstances I never have or will use my name on this blog.....I have a son to protect.

Also please know this I investigated and was a Witness that involved a Large Multi- Billion Dollar Chemical Company that was an International Company ( and was sold in 2005), and ended up being investigated by more than Eight Federal Agencies. I even worked with certain US Attorney's Offices, yes, our Justice Department, and yes, I was even offered Marshall Protection for Federal Hearings. Why? Because I supplied Evidence, including records, film and audio and maps to the Feds, all neatly put on CD-ROMS and sent to multiple Federal Agencies. I investigated a Company that dumped Millions of Pounds of Toxins on one little County for over 40 years in the Drinking Water,Beaches, and in the Air on Homes and Farms. That Dumping has stopped now and the Stacks that incinerated and emitted illegal waste came down in June 2006.

But when you Blow the Whistle on Such a Large Wealthy Criminal that has friends in High Places, life becomes Precarious and Precious, and at times treacherous. I constantly worry about my friends and family, and the members of my NonProfit, and I am more than protective of those I care about. This is partly because I have Good Reason. Good reason is tampered brakes, Unfriendly Encounters with Logging Trucks, Dead pets,Friends and colleagues dying or being injured in Mysterious Accidents, and even Encounters with Snipers. And yes, I lived in the Northwest many years, and after threats left in my house after it was ransacked in Fall 2003, I finally left the Northwest. I moved down the West Coast, living quietly with my son and praying that the Federal Authorities I had worked so hard to help would bring Justice to the Right People. And yes, when Silent Fallout comes out, there will be Revelations that will jolt many. But the Book needs to come out during the Election year......and It will. I am giving some shreds of it here....

And yes, in Fall 2004 I was very badly hurt and I moved to the Great Lakes Region in 2005 to get attempt get well and raise my son.I had to leave the wonderful West Coast, and it was the hardest thing to leave friends, family and "Home". That fall in California while living in a Rooming House with my son our little room was ransacked and the kitchen rooted through. At the time I thought perhaps some poor migrants were hungry. Within days Of this breakin I became very sick, with chest pain, muscle weakness, vomiting, and loss of coordination and falls continued for monthes. In California Doctors initially thought that I had ALS. But one retired Doctor was convinced that I had been poisoned. So we tested my spice containers and found that he was right. So I came to the Midwest to see Specialists and get better.It took many many monthes to get better and remove the poisons. When I was tested it was revealed that I had indeed been poisoned , with industrial professional grade poison, enough to kill a petite cow. I am ever thankful that my son hates spices. I do no know Who would do such an awful thing to a mom but I know I am truly fortunate to be alive.
She is very, very brave. Can't wait to see the book in print. Spread the story.


enigma4ever said...

thank you for sharing my story....You will be one of the first to recieve The is people like you that help keep me going....

Aaron A. said...

A great story it is too.