Friday, June 15, 2007

Endurance Racing Fans: Prepare To Fire Up Your Modems

Those of us who like to watch the Endurance race sadists beat themselves up should be keen to point out that the 2007 version of the Western States 100 race is about to fire up near the tail end of June - the 23rd to be exact. I've virtually followed some of the other endurance races that I had friends competing in (e.g. the Primalquest when it was in Tahoe), but on the internet is perhaps the only way to "watch" one of these things.

By their web location, you can see some slides of the beast, and I spend about 15 minutes scrolling through some fun, albeit the quality fluctuates, pictures from one man's journey to win the silver belt buckle. Have a look for yourself.

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Start: Theme from Rocky

Finish: Cougar coughing