Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Signs Iraq Is Lost

This quote is telling:
“I used to dream about getting a Ph.D., participating in international conferences, belonging to a team that discovered cures for diseases like AIDS, leaving my fingerprint on medicine,” said Hasan Tariq Khaldoon, 24, a pharmacy student in Mosul, in the north. “Now all these dreams have evaporated.”

Karar Alaa, 25, a medical student at Babil University, south of Baghdad, said, “Staying here is like committing suicide.”
It would appear that those folks who stay in Iraq come in two stripes: 1) those who don't have the wherewithal to leave, or 2) those leaches who are making a living off of those in category number 1.

I have but one question for those who support the Iraq "war." If you were born in Iraq, what would be the number one compelling reason to stay?

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