Monday, June 04, 2007

The Kingpin List - Is This A Sign The President Is Doing "Everything Possible?"

I found this in the barrage of "news" proffered at the Whitehouse web location....lest we forget there is a "drug war"
The additional foreign individuals and entities the President has designated this year as appropriate for sanctions under the Kingpin Act are:

Victor Emilio Cazarez Salazar (Mexico)

Gulf Cartel (Mexico)

Jorge Mario Paredes Cordova (Guatemala)

Haj Azizullah Alizai (Afghanistan)

Shahbaz Khan (Pakistan)

Frederik Heinz Barth (Germany)

The initial list of drug kingpins was released in June 2000; the above names will be added to that list.
Well, why do you suppose there is a list of Kingpins?
This action underscores the President's determination to do everything possible to pursue drug traffickers, undermine their operations, and end the suffering that trade in illicit drugs inflicts on Americans and other people around the world, as well as preventing drug traffickers from supporting terrorists.
Oh, I see. Putting them on a list accomplishes such wonderful things.

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