Saturday, June 23, 2007

Seperate And Unequal

If you ask me, it seems like the Big Dick Cheney must have something really nasty to hide. Why else would he take such great pains to shield us from his work?

I thought that separate and unequal was the opposite of Justice, and the laws that drive her. When a group of people lead by faith over fact, it generates the chutzpah required to think that you are always right.

Fortunately, we can vote the bastards out and there are term limits for this particular batch. The people who voted them in the second go around aught be thoroughly embarrassed and appropriately shamed at this time.
Q So that -- he is exempt from reporting? You support --

MS. PERINO: If you look at the EO, the President, in the performance of executive duties, and the Vice President are treated separately from agencies. The President did not intend -- I went back and looked into this -- the President did not intend for the Vice President to be treated separately from how he would treat himself. Agencies are to report to ISOO, and they do. I don't think there's any suggestion that no one else is complying. The Vice President was not intended to be separate from the President in this regard.
The skeletons are racking up and piling high in the The Big Dick and the W's homes.


Anonymous said...

Of course the VP is exempt ...

... he's two years old.

enigma4ever said...

good post...Perino really gets on my nerves with her little brainless twinkette answers that she spits out like yesterdays' gum....urgh....

So the real question is WHO has more skeletons in the closet- Dick or Dubya ?

( on another blog someone suggested that Dubya is hanging Dick out so Fred-I-Play-a-lawyer+"think I am Ronny" Thompson can be made/appointed/annointed VP....boy that would be a friggin' nightmare.....)

SheaNC said...

First we have the Dick leaking, and now the Dick stiffens in the face of criticism. He really puts the 'P' in politics!