Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tuesday's Distraction

Well, this was going to start as political post as a friend forwarded this video clip of the Coasties doing what Coasties do...But I got sidetracked and thought I'd pass on a few other clips for fun. Enjoy.

Clip 1 - Who's the hero? What did you do at your job today? Have a look at our Coasties ripping it up:

Clip 2 - Now, I don't live in Hawaii, but I do windsurf...and no, I don't loop. My motto is "sail safe so I can sail tomorrow."

Clip 3 - But then, there's real Chutzpah:

Clip 4 - Oh, and one more for fun. Here's what a hard day at the office looks like for Jason Polakow. Take a look and ask yourself, "who's the boss here?"

1 comment:

isabelita said...

Whoaaa.....well, I would say Poseidon and his white chargers were the bosses! I have never seen a windsurfer and his board separated like that! We saw the World Cup in 2000 at Hookipa Beach near Paia on Maui, lots of absolutely chills-down-the-spine action, going thirty feet in the air and flipping, and landing them.
What was the surfer with the paddle?
Ooh, thanks for the thrills! In some other existence, I shall surf...