Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Crushing Workloads?" F*#K Me! Why Did The Republicans Vote In This Collection Of Whiny Wuss Bags?

Get a load of this:
Like Kissinger, other letter writers sought to buttress a major line of Libby's defense, that he innocently forgot some of his conversations in the Valerie Plame case because of his crushing workload. John R. Bolton, the former U.N. ambassador, wrote of how "information flowed across his desk on a daily basis like water coming out of a high-pressure fire hydrant, with more demands for action than could humanly be met."

"In the face of all these demands, keeping every detail straight is impossible," Bolton wrote.
If I started whining about my "crushing workload," I'd get walking papers. If I further lamented that I didn't remember certain facts, because of a "crushing workload," I'd be tossed out on my ear with no pension.

Can it be that the Republicans are such a bunch of hypocrites to suggest some one is the "among the most gifted and valuable public servants of his generation," and then go further to suggest that minor details are beneath him? This makes AG Gonzales' testimony a few weeks ago even more atrocious, doesn't it? I can't f#@cking recall? Bull bleep.

I call bull bleep on the whole of the W, Rove and Co! You can't have your cake and eat it too. That's the way it works in the real world. Paris Hilton just found that out. No exceptions should be made simply because you work for a Vice President, and in particular, you should not be let off the hook when a President has said in the past the heads will roll because of the pissing leaks perforating the W, Rove and Co operation. In fact, you should be held to a higher standard given the lethal nature of decisions made by such people (see civilians killed in Iraq for the lasted statistic on how deadly their operation is).

Certainly, we will all have a field day when the President pops his cherry and pardons Libby. But the real test of character will be if the President actually doesn't pardon him. If you ask me, if the President had any shred of integrity left, he wouldn't do it. Any one taking odds? No doubt there's an on line location booking that line and standing to make a bundle on it.

I thought "innocent until proven guilty" is the mantra of the right...not innocent based on belief. Again we see why there is a crisis in our country because the W, Rove and Co. leads by faith over fact, where belief trumps reality.
I find it inconceivable that a man of his sterling character, who is also famous for his lawyerly scrupulousness, could deliberately have told lies to a grand jury, or for that matter to anyone else.
Really, if he was that "lawyerly scrupulous and deliberate, how could have forgotten such details? Unfortunately for Mr. Libby, the facts outweigh the belief and simply because some one finds it hard to believe doesn't provide him a get out of jail free card.

Sadly, this doesn't mean that they won't exhaust the system that they haven't allowed everyone equal access too(see innocents incarcerated in Guantanamo, or disenfranchised voters in Florida during Y2K elections for examples) because they believe they are right, now does it?

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