Saturday, March 31, 2007

More Presidential Malpractice and Malfeasance

If you listen to the president and suspend your disbeliefs like you are watching some blockbuster movie on the big screen, you may actually be tricked into thinking that it was only the Dems that were against the W, Rove Co. at this point in the game. Even though the Dems have a majority in both the house and senate, they need republicans to help pass bills for the president to sign.

In today's radio address, the president gets busy blaming Dems for all the ills caused by his administration, as if the "emergency" spending package is a genuine source of evil. Trouble is, the President exposes the hypocrisy directly. Really, think about it. When the president says this:
Our Nation cannot afford such reckless taxing and spending. Under my Administration, we have kept your taxes low and restrained government spending in Washington.
Ask yourself how much the Iraq war has cost us, and why is he still asking for more money in an "emergency" funding appropriation to begin with? Is that really restrained spending in Washington? The lies are planned, purposeful, and deceitful; which makes the W, Rove and Co all the more malicious and malfeasant.

Moxiegrrl said this long ago, but I echo her sentiment - I sure wish we could sue this administration for presidential malpractice, for it sure looks like we would have a solid case here.

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Anonymous said...


Bush:''we have kept your taxes low and restrained government spending''


We put our expenditures on your credit card. As for the US dead and wounded, we don't count them as 'expenditures' of this Administration because they're volunteers.

If it's off our books it doesn't count.