Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Feeling Sorry For Libby?

Vice President's Statement on Libby Verdict

I am very disappointed with the verdict. I am saddened for Scooter and his family. As I have said before, Scooter has served our nation tirelessly and with great distinction through many years of public service.

Since his legal team has announced that he is seeking a new trial and, if necessary, pursuing an appeal, I plan to have no further comment on the merits of this matter until these proceedings are concluded.
What? BNo more machinations on how Libby is innocent until proven guilty? What's more, no admission that justice has been served?

Of course, we get more of the same - "not saying anytying in an ongoing legal matter." Why do I get the sense that The Big Dick isn't feeling sorry for Libby, but is feeling sorry for himself?

For some reason, this old folk song is twisting in my brain...
Hang down your head Tom Dooley,
hang down your head and cry....

Incidentially, if you go to the Whitehouse web location, Dana Parino does all she can to not answer very pointed questions. Don't hold your breath if you want the Whitehouse to come clean. But if you are a betting person, it would be a pretty safe bet that the President will issue some kind of pardon for Libby, very soon. After which, don't expect any more answers to any similar questions:
Q Dana, you said the President is saddened by this. Is he saddened by the fact that a former top advisor in this building is facing this personal problem? Or is he saddened by the fact that a former advisor is convicted of lying in a federal investigation?

MS. PERINO: He was saddened for Scooter himself, personally, and for Scooter's family.

Q He's not saddened that his top advisor lied to -- was found guilty of lying to investigators?

MS. PERINO: He's saddened for Scooter. We're not going to comment on the trial.

Q I have one on this, I have one on another issue.

MS. PERINO: Maybe we can do this, and then I can finish up and come back.

Q You said that nobody has reached out to Scooter from the White House?

MS. PERINO: Not that I'm aware of, no.

Q Is he being cut loose after being a loyal soldier?

MS. PERINO: I don't know -- Victoria, I'm not -- I don't know anybody who has been contact with him. It's possible that people have. I have not.

In the odd event you wonder what exactly Harry Reid has said about this, here you go:
I welcome the jury's verdict. It's about time someone in the Bush Administration has been held accountable for the campaign to manipulate intelligence and discredit war critics. Lewis Libby has been convicted of perjury, but his trial revealed deeper truths about Vice President Cheney's role in this sordid affair. Now President Bush must pledge not to pardon Libby for his criminal conduct.


isabelita said...

Well, I am a mean progressive. I would like to see Cheney and Bush maimed in some mishap, and forced to seek medical treatment at Walter Reed, just like any grunt.
I refuse to pretend that I'm glad Cheney didn't get hurt in that bombing attempt; I'm no Christian. But I don't want them dead, I want them suffering. Just like all the people they put in harm's way for NO FUCKING REASON.
Literally, to hell with these criminals.

Enlightenment said...

This thing goes all the way to the top; obviously a leak of this importance isn't going to originate with "Scooter" Libby but would have to be approved by Cheney and Bush.

And yes Isabelita, they are criminals, war criminals. The entire Cheney regime should be tried for crimes against humanity in the Hague, in the International Criminal Court which they refuse to recognize. They have launched a war of aggression against Iraq which was doing nothing to provoke them. They manufactured a false-flag "terrorist" attack to use as an "excuse" to invade Afghanistan and make it safe for their pipeline project, murdering roughly 3,000 Americans on 9/11 and who knows how many Afghans and Iraqis. And they use depleted uranium tank ammunition, ammunition for the gun on the A-10 Thunderbolt II ("Warthog"), the gun on the Bradley IFVs and CFVs, the gun on the Apache helicopter, and in the armor on M1A2 Abrams tanks. This stuff is made from nuclear waste, is somewhat radioactive and is VERY carcinogenic even in exceedingly small amounts injested (i.e. in dust form, from it blowing around in the wind in Iraq and Afghanistan). It is causing a huge amount of birth defects in Iraqi and Afghan kids, as well as the kids of American military personnel back from the wars. THIS IS "GULF WAR SYNDROME". Criminal is far too good a word for these bastards. They are mass-murdering, warmongering pieces of shit.

Enlightenment said...

Interestingly enough, it turns out "Scooter" Libby is a writer as well as criminal. The books people write can often provide good insights into how their minds work. Though his book is out of print now it can be found at Amazon.com. And a bizarre book it is: called "The Apprentice" it is set in Japan and involves the premise of bears having sex with 10-year-old girls. Yes, you read that correctly. In light of the controversy and bad press inflicted upon Jim Webb in his campaign in Virginia over some crazy stuff in some novel he wrote and how the Rethuglicans swarmed all over it like flies on poop, it is interesting in a hypocritical sort of way to see that none of them have ever to my knowledge mentioned the sick writings of Cheney's (now former) chief of staff Lewis Libby. As if we needed one more example of Repub hypocrisy, but I just thought people might be curious to find out that "Scooter" is also a writer. Bizarre and sick. No wonder it's out of print. Anyway, if you want to see the book and read the reviews of it the link is here: