Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pleading The Fifth

Forget Innocent Until Proven Guilty. When some one pleads the fifth in an investigation, it certainly suggests that at least one person thinks there has been some wrongdoing perpetrated that might very well be illegal. What say you?
Ms. Goodling’s decision to exercise her Fifth Amendment rights suggests that she, at least, believes crimes may have been committed.
Meanwhile, the President is still sucking up to the AG:
Q How does the President think that the Attorney General can be effective when the erosion of support among Republicans is growing?

MS. PERINO: I think that -- I don't know if any of you are on the Department of Justice press release distribution list, but I certainly get lots of press releases from them on all the issues that they are managing, including immigration cases and the child exploitation cases that the Attorney General has placed a priority on, corruption cases -- we saw one just last week, a member of our own administration, so -- a former member of our own administration. And so I think that the Justice Department absolutely continues on, as we all do in government. Sometimes when you're under the spotlight like that, it might be uncomfortable, and you have to have a lot of -- you have to do a lot of work on that issue in order to keep going, but absolutely, the other issues of the Department have to continue on. And from all I know, they certainly are.

Q And he's still effective?

MS. PERINO: Absolutely.

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Anonymous said...

Goodling won't be the only one. This thing is going to keep ballooning.