Monday, March 05, 2007

Politics As Usual: The W, Rove And Co. Deflate Their Own Argument And Use Dead GIs to Fan the Flames Of Thier Cause

I love it when members of the W, Rove and co suggest that any reduction in troop levels in Iraq would lead to victory terrorists in Iraq when they go ahead and qualify things thusly:
We don't know and we cannot predict every turn that lies ahead. As General Petraeus has put it, "the way ahead will be neither quick nor easy, and there will undoubtedly be some tough days. We face a determined, adaptable, barbaric enemy. He will try to wait us out. In fact, any such endeavor is a test of wills, and there are no guarantees."
Come on, you can't have your cake and eat it two, Dick. If the future is unpredictable for us, it should be unpredictable for you. What makes you so sure your way is the right way? How can the W, Rove and Co be so certain that the outcome of a strategic withdrawal would produce malignant results, particularly if we re-deploy these troops to more effectively go after the very terrorists we say we are after rather than have them come at us like we have pasted broad targets on the backs of our GIs?

Oh, and sure this war on terror a test of wills, but also sheer lunacy as we are fighting in a place we should not have entered (see comments from Bush Sr.'s book of the same subject). I've said this before, but might it not be that we are on the wrong offensive and we could certainly realign to a more strategic and profitable offensive?

But there is more - the Right clamors all over themselves when the left uses crosses or boots to reflect the real tragedy of those KIA for the Iraq Conflagration. So, why is it that the Big Dick Cheney gets to foist these stories on us to support his agenda? Why isn't the right aghast at the use of dead GIs for political gain?
The general has it exactly right. And I know he would agree that the single most reliable fact of this war is the skill and courage of the men and women fighting it. Two months ago at the White House, President Bush awarded the Medal of Honor to Corporal Jason Dunham of the United States Marines. While leading his rifle squad during an attack near the Syrian border, Corporal Dunham found himself in hand-to-hand combat with an insurgent. After being wrestled to the ground, the man rolled out a grenade that he'd been concealing. Without hesitation, Corporal Dunham threw himself on the grenade and used his helmet and body to absorb the blast. He did not survive his wounds. But by his actions, Jason Dunham saved the lives of his men. And he now ranks among the bravest citizens this nation has ever produced. (Applause.)
Applause for one of the men that sent this GI to his demise? Irony is not lost here, now is it?

Have one more look at the rhetorical coffin the W, Rove and Co is nailing shut on America as we type:
The cause we serve is freedom. That cause is right. And by the valor of those who serve it, that cause will prevail.
Now, if you ask me, this violates quote number one above, predicting the future when you suggest one cannot. Alas, what's a bloggers to do, but point out the hypocrisy...something the W, Rove and Co is not short on.


Anonymous said...

The inability to decimate the enemy

In Hanoi in 1975, COL Harry G.Summers, a friend of mine, told a colonel in the People's Army of Vietnam, "You know you never defeated us on the battlefield." The Vietnamese colonel thought a moment and replied, "That may be so, but it is also irrelevant."
-- Thomas W. Collier, LTC, US Army, Retired

Cheney: The general has it exactly right. And I know he would agree that the single most reliable fact of this war is the skill and courage of the men and women fighting it.

Exactly wrong. ''Reliable facts'' do not win wars.

An enemy that can continue to replenish its losses can't be defeated. Read Bernard B. Fall's book, 'Street Without Joy.' The French had battle hardened troops who would and did fight to the death. Amazon reviews don't do this book justice. Read the book.

isabelita said...

Damn Cheney and all these fuckers to hell. We had NO business ever invading Iraq. God, I'm so sick of all the crap they spin out to cover up their war profiteering.