Thursday, November 02, 2006

"What's The President's Relvance Right Now?" Subtitle: Something Wicked This Way Comes: Things Get Fishy Aboard Air Force One

Given that the Presidential Propaganda Catapult is jetting about America slinging rocks and stones at wide swaths of Democrats in only republican red-style states in front of vetted audiences, this one reporter has a very good question:
Q What's the President's relevance right now? He's going to Republican states, all 10 states that he carried. So he's got a pretty narrow mission here, doesn't he, in the final days?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Well, we're focusing his energy on places where he can best turn out the vote for Republican candidates. These are all races that are close. These are all races that are likely going to come down to turnout. And so that's the nature of all these visits.
Any guesses as to who the "SENIOR ADMINSTRATION OFFICIAL" is? Uncle Karl is my bet.

I suppose they don't want you to know what wicked people ride with the president aboard Air Force One. Usually the Whitehouse lists who the official administration speaker is in almost every press gaggle and briefing. I say usually because I have only been following these things for a couple of years and I have never seen anyone referred to as SENIOR ADMININITRATION OFFICIAL, but it doesn't mean that they have never done this public cloaking of an official spokesmodel before.

No doubt, Uncle Karl want's to keep his finger prints off every thing that the W, Rove and Co gets itself into. But the fact that they have to hide who this person is is really disconcerting to me; troublesome even.

What are the reasons for it? Are they crossing some kind of ethical line that is bleeding into some kind of amoral and unethical situation that they don't want some one officially and overtly associated with official statements from the Whitehouse aboard Air Force One? If you ask me, there is something very fishy going on aboard Air Force One.

In the prior press gaggle from today, we see why I think with high probability that it was Uncle Karl speaking anonymously:
Q Tony, is there a chance Karl Rove could come back and talk to us about those races, maybe?

MR. FRATTO: I could check with Karl.
Why do you suppose they cloaked the identity of their "SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL?" Are they so embarrassed by Karl Rove that they can't let him pony up to his own statements?

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