Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Policy: Kill All The Cockroaches, And Other Interesting Comments From Anon

Here's a comment from an anonymous person delivered in a prior post worth elevating to the front page:
Terror is not a problem that can be eliminated, it must lived with. The world will never be safe from cockroaches.
And another from another:
When pigs fly

''[A]s General Casey said last week, there is not a single military engagement that we have not won ...''

An ingenuous quote. Most of the deaths in Iraq are from IEDs, roadside bombs. How many engagements with IEDs have we won?

We never lost a military engagement in Vietnam. Unfortunately for the military, war is only politics by other means. Until the politics change and we start winning hearts and minds if that is even possible at this late date, the war can't be won.
And another:
No attachment to reality

If George Bush labels everyone who opposes our occupation in every country he invades, a 'terrorist,' how is he going to find allies among local nationalists to build or rebuild the country?
And one more for fun:
Payback's a beach

"Deficits don't matter" - Dick Cheney.

Every borrower knows that there's no problem in the borrowing, it's the payback. Republicans expect that it isn't they who will have to repay the borrowing.

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