Thursday, November 16, 2006

Lame Duck Walking

When the US Taxpayers are paying for diplomatic ventures by various dignitaries, we expect some kind of action of varying degrees of import to be executed on our behalf. The President is no exception.

However, if you examine what he is actually doing on his trek to Singapore and the like, it looks a lot like the Lame Duck farewell tour where he is setting about to glad hand every one of his pals and have one last round of fetes on our dime.

If you ask me, it's a bit early for the president to begin his adios tour of the globe, but that sure is what it looks like.

Q Does Steve want to readout the meeting in Moscow?

MR. HADLEY: The President and Mrs. Bush met with President Putin and Mrs. Putina. It was a social meeting, as we said it would be. This was a refueling stop. The President and President Putin will have an opportunity to meet on the margins of the APEC meeting. So this was -- the Russians were kind enough to allow us to refuel here. Once they knew we were going to do that, President Putin decided he and Mrs. Putina wanted to come out and greet their friends, the Bushes, and they did. So it was a social meeting between the two, and there will be an opportunity for them to talk business when they meet together on the margins of the APEC meeting.

Q Did they get into any substantive issues?

MR. HADLEY: I don't think so. They talked a little bit about, sort of, proliferation, generally, as you might expect them to, with things about Iran and South Korea. But it really wasn't about business -- it was about social, it was about personal, and that was the subject of much of their conversation.


sumo said...

it was about social, it was about personal, and that was the subject of much of their conversation...what a riot they must have had...NOT!

Anonymous said...

Iran: On the link

MR. HADLEY: ... ''Iran ought to have an interest in having a unified and a stable Iraq, ...''

Maybe they, unlike Hadley, remember what happened the last time Iraq was unified and stable.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, I'm sure in favor of a farewell tour, if it's a short tour...say to Mars or something.

Neil Shakespeare said...

I hope he gets his picture taken in that same anti-aircraft gun as Jane Fonda. That would complete the circle on this draft-dodging dipshit.