Monday, November 13, 2006

There's Nothing "Willy-Nilly" About It

If you think that the W, Rove and Co looks remarkably like his father's administration you wouldn't be wrong. As to whether these folk are being recruited like knights on white horses to save the king's son, it's debatable.

Certainly, we have to agree with Tony the Snow Job here: there's nothing "willy-nilly" about it. It's quite intentional that we have some one vying for the Secretary of State gig that was wrapped up with Reagan and the Iran Contra affair all the way up to Ollie North's eyeballs.

Have a look at this interesting exchange from today's White house press briefing.

Q Next question for you. I saw a Newsweek cover story -- you see it all over the place -- that somehow all these veterans of Bush 41 are coming in and rescuing Bush 43.

MR. SNOW: As a veteran of Bush 41, I don't think that's the proper way to look at this. I mean, look, I know that it's one of these things where people think that the President -- let me just -- rather than trying even to get into characterizing it, no.

Q Has he directly or indirectly -- President Bush 41 --

Q What's "no"? What do you mean, "no"?

MR. SNOW: No, this is not a -- this is not bringing in people willy-nilly from the President's administration "to save him." Wrong.

Q And has the President -- 41 -- either directly or indirectly offered his advice to his son that perhaps people like Eagleburger or Secretary Baker or anybody else be involved and should be listened to?

MR. SNOW: I have absolutely no idea. But keep in mind, you just mentioned Secretary Baker and Secretary Eagleburger -- they are part of a congressionally-appointed committee.

Q Gates -- Dr. Gates?

MR. SNOW: The President picked Bob Gates because he figured that he would be an effective Secretary of Defense, a sentiment that's been echoed by people at the Pentagon and in both parties on Capitol Hill. He picked a guy that he thought would be able to do the job.


Anonymous said...

Deja-fucking-vu all over again...
Why don't they dig up Nixon and give him a jolt or two, see if he can help? And is Kissinger still making his Germanic mumblings of advice somewhere?

sumo said...

They are so's laughable.

pissed off patricia said...

Any more Snow is having trouble keeping a straight face when he tells his prepared lies. It's laughable.

I'm afraid Gates et al, aren't going to be able to turn george's pumpkin into a carriage.