Thursday, November 09, 2006

Any Guesses As To If The President Is Lying About The Big Dick Cheney's Status As Well?

Before Tuesday, the president has said he was keeping Rummy on and we know now that he was fibbing in that case. Do you believe W when he says this:
Q This is a very competitive environment. No, but we asked you about the fate of Secretary Rumsfeld and Vice President Cheney. Vice President Cheney, of course, has made -- takes many of the same positions that Secretary Rumsfeld did on the war. Does he still have your complete confidence?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, he does.

Q Do you expect him to stay --

THE PRESIDENT: The campaign is over. Yes, he does.

Q And he'll be here for the remainder of your term?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, he will. Thank you.
Any one taking bets as to when the Big Dick Cheney is asked to take the walk off the Whitehouse plank?

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