Monday, April 16, 2007

"A Tragedy of Monumental Proportions"

The tragedy that befell Virginia Tech today proves the point that it is impossible to stop terrorists from perpetrating such heinous acts. No doubt the grief on that campus is thick, but the echo should reverberate around the country.

Oddly, it makes me wonder what kind of charade the Global War on Terror really is because it (and Homeland Security) can't stop such tragedies, much less stop some one from walking into a cafeteria in a well protected space from blowing themselves up in front of the masses. Like the DC snipers and the as of yet unsolved anthrax cases, we know how lethal and terrorizing humans can be. To assume that the Army can protect you from people like this is really to live your life in denial.

Here's a short pod cast of the Va. Tech President’s official statement. My heart goes out to the families of the fallen and the entire campus community.

P.S. - 3:33 PM update:

A quick romp around the blogisphere reveals that this partiular incident has sparked a nerve. Parents of children attending Va Tech, students at Va. Tech, and every brand of blog is sayin' something about this event. As the facts unfold, an even better question might be can we avoid the knee jerk reaction that results in some kind of retrenchment of our liberties and freedoms for the sake of the charade of security? On the other extreme we have even the gun lobby blaming the anti-gun laws for this. Now if that isn't irony, I don't know what is. For example:
It's time to bury the pernicious myth that disarming good people can save them from evil.
Like Arming them will?


isabelita said...

Things are coming apart at the seams all over the world.
I wonder who the gunman was in the VT shootings. I would bet it was a disgruntled white man, just like Timothy McVeigh and his ilk, who hailed from Michigan. And that Texas sniper from years ago, Charles Whitman, I think his name was. And so many others who have gone postal over the decades. Mostly angry white emn, armed to the teeth.
Just talking about the homegrown mayhem, not the international version.

Aaron A. said...

I've read some speculations that the shooter was Asian American, no offical release however. But it seems homegrown. Perhaps even ROTC, wouldn't that be ironic.

pissed off patricia said...

There are some who are calling for more guns. They say that if the students had all be armed, someone could have shot the shooter. Think about a room full of scared kids and they all have loaded weapons. I'm not sure if the outcome wouldn't have been worse.

Anonymous said...

If you want to take a bath in this, look here: Many Dead In Virginia Tech Shooting (1700+ posts).

Call my cynical but President Bush commenting on this was the worst of it. This many dead would be a good day in Iraq.