Tuesday, April 17, 2007

President Bush: Master Of The Obvious?

Looks like the president is trying to become the compassionate role model he has always suggested he was. Does America take comfort in his words?
Laura and I have come to Blacksburg today with hearts full of sorrow. This is a day of mourning for the Virginia Tech community -- and it is a day of sadness for our entire nation. We've come to express our sympathy. In this time of anguish, I hope you know that people all over this country are thinking about you, and asking God to provide comfort for all who have been affected.
But alas, can a man who has caused so much loss of innocent life in Iraq be looked to as the harbinger of comfort in a time of extreme violence? I think not. I do not take comfort in his words, nor his presence. Condolences only go so far if one's actions preclude one from being thought to have any belief in peacefulness.


Anonymous said...

If it were me, I would find the presence of Bush positively insulting. First, the agnostic in me would be offended at his implication that only God can provide one with comfort at such a time. Second, as a shill for gun lobby, and the man upon whose watch the assault-weapon ban expired, I'd want almost anyone but him around for comfort.

But...it's not me, and WTF do I know anyway.

Aaron A. said...

Yes indeed.

He isn't going to Baghdad after 170+ died today. The escalation of both hippocracy and troops isn't working.

Oh, also,
Thanks for the link.
I've done the same on Breathe.

Anonymous said...

270 hits on google quoting the President's speech

BUSH: One recent graduate wrote this: "I don't know most of you guys, but we're all Hokies, ...

Does 'One recent graduate' exist, or did they make it up?