Monday, April 23, 2007

Rove Should Eat Crow - Sub Title - Come On People, Uncle Karl "Just Wanted To Have Some Fun."

Proving that Rove is nuts, he blew his lid at Sheryl Crow, for no good reason other than that he wanted to display his true plumage. Why Rove shows such disdain for the American People is beyond me, but symptomatic of all that is wrong with the current administration.
In his attempt to dismiss us, Mr. Rove turned to head toward his table, but as soon as he did so, Sheryl reached out to touch his arm. Karl swung around and spat, "Don't touch me." How hardened and removed from reality must a person be to refuse to be touched by Sheryl Crow? Unfazed, Sheryl abruptly responded, "You can't speak to us like that, you work for us." Karl then quipped, "I don't work for you, I work for the American people." To which Sheryl promptly reminded him, "We are the American people."
Let's have a look at Dana Perino's interpretation of the event:
Q Dana, can I ask you, there's been a lot of chatter over the last couple days about this confrontation that Karl Rove allegedly had with a couple of celebrities about global warming, climate change. What was Karl Rove's reaction to being confronted at the dinner in this way?

MS. PERINO: I think Karl Rove just wanted to have some fun on Saturday night. And I think he wasn't the only one.
Excuse me, the GIs are getting filleted on a daily basis in Iraq, and Uncle Karl Goes off on some citizens because he want's to have fun?Oh, and Karl as victim is really not going to play well in any other circle than the reichwing blogset.
I think that it's unfortunate that people who have an impassioned view about a topic don't take the time and afford the President the same respect that they are asking for. The President's record on climate change is very strong. I do not understand why they can't take "yes" for an answer. The President has acknowledged, since the beginning of his term, that climate change is real. He has a different approach of how to help solve the problems, but that doesn't mean he hasn't acted.
Excuse me Ms. Perino, but they were talking to Karl, not the President, and he had no right to go off on these concerned citizens.
We have provided billions of dollars, in terms of resources, to develop the new technologies that are not only going to help solve that problem, but will also help lift people out of poverty from around the world because they need the clean energy that everyone else needs in order to help their economies grow.
Really? Prove it.
Q But it was not until this last State of the Union that he mentioned climate change, right, so --

MS. PERINO: Absolutely not.

Q He did not mention it directly.

MS. PERINO: In the State of the Union?

Q In the State of the Union. I thought this was the last --

MS. PERINO: Well, in the State of the Union, but that doesn't mean that people weren't actively working on things. I could point you back to the 2003 State of the Union, in which he announced the FutureGen project, which is a zero-emissions coal-fired power plant, which is currently underway, in terms of its development, and it's a 10-year plan. And what we would hope is that once we get that technology, we will be able to transfer it to developing countries that are going to use coal, like Mexico and South Africa and China, which, by the way, is building one power plant a week that uses coal.
Okay, so raping the earth for more coal to be burned, but reduce the emissions is a solution to global warming and fixing what we perpetrate against the environment is your solution?
So we have big climate change challenges ahead of us, and I just wish that they would channel some of that Hollywood energy into something constructive, rather than baseless finger pointing.
Baseless? I don't think so.
Q Did Rove leave early because he was angry because of this?

MS. PERINO: Rove left to get in the motorcade to go home. (Laughter.) That's what we all have to do if we're in the motorcade. I got to stay behind.
So, Uncle Karl stomped off like a spoiled child would if he didn't get his way. So sorry to burn up your night of fun with a dose of reality Karl, but you really do work for more American People than the one's you suggest you represent.


pissed off patricia said...

good for them for trying to engage Karl but I wouldn't touch that bastard with a ten foot pole.

Aaron A. said...

Rove works for Satan and Satan alone.
No other explaination.