Friday, September 21, 2007

What Is A Radical Liberal Organization?

The one that is condemned for condemning war, apparently. The Irony should not escape us.

Have a look at these videos for a fun juxtaposition:

The Rovian spin masters have learned well:

"Victory is America's only choice?" Holy smokes, we are knee deep in rhetorical horse manure.

Well, you have got to love a President who finds freedom of speech disgusting.

Fortunately, the first amendment protects people who say things that the President may find objectionable. Even so, do you think the good general needs protection from Move On dot org?

And to complete the rhetorical offensiveness trifecta. Let's have a look as Olbermann condemns the condemnation that W delivered on the condemnation of the General advert from MoveOndotorg:

And so is Olberman, MoveOn or GWBush radical? If so, what is it that these displays of free speach really done to produce damage on America? If these advertisements are truly damaging to the American people, I'd like to see the evidence - you know, real concrete empirically derived evidence, not the rhetorical spew from those who inhale deeply on the GOP Political Crack Pipe.

Really, think about it. Mr. Bush's propagandist speech writers must have creamed their shorts when they came up with the idea to use a rather benign advertisement by a left wing agency to advance their own political agenda. There is no proof that the Good General needs protection from Move On Dot Org, nor are they radical. Move on is not putting spikes in trees in hopes to maim the lumberjack here.

Really, who is playing politics here and who should be condemned?


Anonymous said...

Barney, First Dog. Miss Beazley, First Dog's ho

Miss Beazley must not be putting out for the President to be so upset.

A general who by virtue of his job must accept the deaths of thousands of his own troops isn't going to be upset by an advertisement by

For the President to be upset on his General's behalf? even he isn't that clueless. Miss Beasley, that ho, must go.

Anonymous said...

Generals, in general

Exhibit A: As Always the Doughy Pantload now amongst the outraged at the MoveOn ad against a general.

But back in January 2004 he posted with approval the following diatribe against Wes Clark and Generals in, well, general:

A Military View On Clark, Generals Etc [Jonah Goldberg]