Thursday, September 06, 2007

How Do We Tell Who The Enemy Is?

This is a new twist in the supposed anti-blame game W, Rove and Co. and the people that used to work for them. I call it the "Not It" strategy.

In an effort to not get pinned for any kind of responsibility for how bad things are in Iraq, Paul Bremer is stepping up to proclaim he's Not It and shouldn't be held accountable for how it's going.
...we were right to build a new Iraqi Army. Despite all the difficulties encountered, Iraq’s new professional soldiers are the country’s most effective and trusted security force. By contrast, the Baathist-era police force, which we did recall to duty, has proven unreliable and is mistrusted by the very Iraqi people it is supposed to protect.
So, the bigger question is how the hell is any one of our GIs supposed to tell who the enemy is in Iraq?

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