Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Calling It Quits At 50,000 hits?

Call me crazy, but I'm thinking about tossing in the towel on this blog, or seriously revamping the format. If you look on over to the site meter, I'm nearing 50K hits, and that may be a good time to bow out.

Certainly, blogging is addictive, but I think I've run out of new things to say. One alternative I've thought of was to go to a once a week format - posting, say only on Tuesdays, or some such thing. Or, another option would be to start photo blogging - where folks who spotted my work might order up an image or two for a small fee depending on resolution of the image.

What's your two cents on the matter.


isabelita said...

Depends on your objectives for having one; I don't see how you could ever run out of things to say about what goes on in theowrld, although they have been cycling over and over through the same depressing patterns, haven't they?
The phto bloggging is an interesting option. Give it a try!

Kvatch said...

I know exactly where you're coming from. I've been going through the same thinking process about Blognonymous. No insights to offer other than the fact that taking a month off last May helped me to come back fresh.

Mary Ellen said...

I know what you mean...it's a tough decision to make. I've seen two of the blog I frequent regularly shut down this week.

I would say, don't give up completely until you know for sure that this is what you want to do. Something big might come up that you want to talk about and you may regret it.

I would say, go to once a week. Maybe take a subject like the elections and cover one candidate per week. Put an overall view of the candidate up and then follow with any new information that may come up during the week (say Guilliani gets another phony call from his wife). Then, just add that as an update on the bottom of your post. That way, if nothing new comes up, that's ok. If it does, it gives those who come to your blog something to look forward to read and comment on. Does that make sense? With the number of candidates on boths sides, it will give you months of posts-and you only have to do one post (biography) a week. Add a few pictures to make it interesting and you have yourself a whole new forum.

Just a thought-you can use that same idea with other subjects, like take one issue and continue with the updated information, instead of dealing with all the stuff we are inundated with in one day.

Realist said...

I say you may as well go ahead and quit; you're a left gatekeeper anyway, carrying water for mass murderers just like Moxie Grrrl. How many times have I posted on here showing in many many ways that 9/11 HAD TO HAVE BEEN an inside job? And you ignore it and keep pretending to believe that the official myth is true, just like your puppetmasters want you to do. This, like Moxie Grrrl, is a smaller version of other left gatekeeper blogs like Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, The American Prospect, Mother Jones etc. whose job is to pretend to be leftist but to keep discourse within "safe" parameters. It is the establishment trying to control both sides of a debate; they have their openly fascist mouthpieces and then on what is supposed to be the other side of the aisle they have pseudoliberals such as yourself Windspike and other gatekeepers I mentioned, who criticize the regime but keep it within a little box, never straying into territory that will be too dangerous for the establishment. That way, people who are naive or ill-informed will think that there actually is something resembling political debate in this country. Of course you will deny being a gatekeeper, but I know precisely what you are.