Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If Martyrdom Is Good Enough For His Followers, Why Is It Not Good Enough for Osama?

I've got some questions for the blogosphere today. Let's call this...drum roll please...

Windspike's Wednesday Wonderings...

I found this article today where OBL (who is still alive and kicking although W promised us his head dead or alive)astonishingly asks his followers for something he's not willing to do himself. Thus, I came up with a few questions as I ruminated on this comment where OBL urges all followers to:

join the "caravan" of martyrs

Well, if your thinking about joining that particular caravan, you should ask your self why OBL isn't jumping on the same one. This leads me to my first questions.

  1. Really, if martyrdom good enough for you, why isn't Osama blowing himself up for the cause? If he really believed his own words, he should do it too, no?

  2. Given the good general's testimony over the past few days, I also came up with another question for the blogosphere. I known there are people on all sides of this, but one letter to the editor asks a pointed questions:
    Editor - Bottom line, a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, whatever the timeline, will end in the collapse of any modicum of civil order in that country. We have fathered an illegitimate democracy in a nation lacking the cultural and institutional foundations for self-rule. To be sure, as Gen. David Petraeus reports, the surge has had an impact. But as a Colin Powell observed before the act of conception, a preemptive strike would result in our ownership as responsible parents. So, then, the question persists: when will we cut the umbilical cord of this ill-fated democracy?

    This leads me to my second question. I know it's a hypothetical, but it might be fun to mull it over amongst one another.
  3. If you were suddenly appointed CEO and Chief of the Iraq Experiement - not just a subsection of some arm of the enormously profitable Halliburton - how would you build a business case for what you wanted to do to resolve the situation?

    blog on friends, blog on all.


Realist said...

Sorry it's off-topic but I just thought I would post this where people could easily find it. Ever heard of the blog If you haven't don't feel bad, most people haven't heard of it either. Just wanted to let everyone here know that Moxie is what's known as a Left gatekeeper, which is someone like Michael Moore or Amy Goodman or Noam Chomsky or Bill Maher etc., who at first blush appears to be a genuine leftist but who strives tirelessly to steer discourse away from matters that would be the most damaging to the establishment, for example 9/11 and U.S. government complicity. She goes about it in quite an immature fashion too, in deleting anyone's posts she can't disprove. For a while she didn't delete posts but just clammed up whenever someone mentioned the 9/11 false flag operation, and for a while I gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking "Perhaps she's just very psychologically cowardly and can't bear to face unpleasant facts". Well now she is deleting peoples' posts that she cannot disprove and I've called her out on it. Moxie Grrrl is a dupe and a Left gatekeeper. So if you want to go see a blogger that pretends to be edgy and leftist but is nothing more than a gutless, soulless Left gatekeeper carrying water for the mass murderers who brought you the 9/11 inside job, then by all means go to If you want genuine political discourse, go elsewhere. Thank you for your time.

Realist said...

And I have my suspicions about you as well Windspike. I have posted on here many, many things on many different occasions that shred the official myth of 9/11 and its limited hangout LIHOP cousin, yet you never debate it, just ignoring it like it's not even there, and continuing, sometimes even the very next day, with posting bullshit that takes for granted the official myth of 9/11, like "Is Al Qaeda a bigger threat than global warming?". Come on. Do you ever bother to read what has been posted about 9/11? Are you ignoring it because it is too painful for your mind to bear? Or is there another reason?

windspike said...

Dear Realist,

I have to say, I can't actually recall when you have made comments. I get so few comments that I think I would remember you. There are some regular folk who leave comments here, but mainly, I'm a marginal player. Moxie is definitely a heavier hitter.

I don't think she ever proclaimed herself as liberal, nor have I. I don't know what gave you that impression. When you say you have suspicions, what exactly do you mean? If you don't like what you read, why do you bother leaving a comment?

I think I remember you slapping the Nine Eleven monkey, but think that when I read it, there really was no room for debate. Likely, I wouldn't be able to change your mind regardless which side I came down on.

Lastly, I think you are trying to be insulting intentionally, and frankly, it's not tasteful, nor fun to engage. So, if you don't get any more replies from me, don't worry. I won't delete your comments, but I do know Moxie likes to fuck with people and delete their comments to get a rise out of them. This is not a covert operation for her. She says she does it. If it pisses you off, she wins, you lose.

Which reminds me, I have to pop on over there and visit for a bit. I used to comment regularly over there and have neglected her for quite some time. I find her fun and enjoyable.

MG said...

LOL, wow wind, how did you luck out and get such short posts by this yahoo? For a while there, I was afraid the posts would rival War and Peace. Oh dear, I hope I didn't just jinx it for ya ;p

*kiss kiss* it's good to see ya again wind, I'll be back around more often I promise :)

Anonymous said...

Democracy the good and hard 12-step program

On the sfgate link: ''Editor - Liberals/progressives should support the war in Iraq and the war on terrorism. Muslim extremists and Muslim terrorists want a Muslim world governed by Shariah law: no women's rights, no gay rights, no abortions, no freedom of the press, and no secular education. Why are liberals/progressives so unwilling to defend their lives or their beliefs?''

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
- H. L. Mencken

Democracy would be everywhere if we could only stop US 'intelligence' agencies from meddling. Countries are better left to their own devices. Let them hit bottom. Liberals/progressives aren't so naive that they think they can save the world.

Kvatch said...

# Really, if martyrdom good enough for you, why isn't Osama blowing himself up for the cause? If he really believed his own words, he should do it too, no?

Indeed! Osama has gone above and beyond. Time to get that eternal reward.

Realist said...

Windspike, Moxie, you are both fake. Both left gatekeepers, just smaller versions of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, MyDD, Huffington Post, Mother Jones, The American Prospect etc. Discourse control. That's what your job is. As for Moxie "never saying she's a liberal" what on earth are you talking about? She foams at the mouth with Bush-bashing, (and don't get me wrong, Bush-bashing is perfectly fine with me), but gives lip service to the official myth of 9/11, as do you. You two are pretty transparent. For the longest time I gave Moxie the benefit of the doubt, because aside from her 9/11 myopia I tend to agree with about everything else she says so I hoped against hope that she was just a coward who couldn't bear to face the facts. And as for deleting comments to fuck with people, she started selectively censoring comments because she couldn't disprove them, that's obvious when she says one thing about 9/11, then I show how she is completely incorrect, then my post disappears, then I repost it and it disappears again. Then she puts comment moderation on. She's just a phony, a fake, a left gatekeeper like you Windspike. You can deny it all you want but when someone shows you time and time again how the official myth of 9/11 is physically impossible as well as being in defiance of the laws of probability, as well as just plain common sense, and you refuse to see it and go on pretending that the official fairy tale is true, then you are either 1.profoundly psychologically cowardly, or 2.a left gatekeeper. Since I have given you many many chances to come around to the real world regarding 9/11 and you ignore it and then post something the next day that takes for granted the official myth, you are revealing yourself as a gatekeeper. Especially since the truth about 9/11 being an inside job is so plainly obvious. Consider: People in the reality-based community should have no problem whatsoever in realizing that the uppermost portion of a skyscraper is not going to be able to "fall" into and THROUGH the remaining vast majority of solid building as quickly, meaning as effortlessly as falling through air without something else (i.e. explosives) reducing said majority of building to such a state of offering no more resistance than air. Can we all agree on that? Sounds pretty straightforward; solid things offer vastly more resistance than air. Anyone who graduated elementary school SHOULD be able to grasp this, and SHOULD be able to therefore grasp that the Twin Towers and WTC # 7 building had to have been controlled demolitions. It is literally COMMON SENSE.

So in sum, yes Windspike you and Moxie Grrrl are left gatekeepers. Deny it all you want, that's precisely what you're supposed to do (or feel free to admit it in a sarcastic, condescending way that makes it appear you are joking; either will do). It doesn't matter anymore because your cover is blown. You prove by your topics on here that you are a shill for the regime, a gatekeeper whose job is discourse control. Whether you started out legit and just got bought out by the establishment or whether your blog has been from the beginning a fake like Daily Kos, it doesn't matter. What matters is that I know what you are and that you are exposed as being a phony.