Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Without Equivocation: This is the vision we need, not the fear we loath

AM Update:

When George Bush dove off the deep end of the pool to shovel the fear that the terrorists were feeding us to bend the Constitution to his advantage, we knew it was going to take a while to bend away from that policy of using fear mongering propaganda to put forward an agenda that is positve and visionary. I think Obama used his speech wisely to unfold the vision we need, rather than repackage the fear we loathe. In a very real sense, Obama and his team are snatching victory that Bush handed to the terrorists by stopping the use of fear to bend the will of the people.

Could you imagine George Bush saying the word "equivocation" without getting all tangled up? Really, when Obama pointed to a schoolgirl in the audience and held her up as an example of what America is really suffering from and where it's hopes should be pinned, he outclassed and eclipsed George Bush and his administrations' whole 8 years in about 3 minutes. Indeed, his is the vision we need, not the fear we loathe.

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