Friday, February 27, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Gives Us The "Un-Rove"

Sully's been blogging a great long while, and well, frankly must be good at it because he's getting paid to do it (unlike the rest of us saps who keep "yelling into the wind"). I like his paragraph here:
Karl Rove mastered the art of petty and nasty political tactics in the South of the post-Reagan era. And he never had a solid grip on conservatism as a political philosophy or of political strategy. And so Rove today endures as the architect of the biggest and deepest political implosion since the Democrats in the 1970s. It was all tactics, no strategy; all politics, no governance. He remains the worst single political strategist of modern times.
Click on over to read the article for the point. As to why the GOP unanimously voted simultaneously against Obama's stimulus package and thus America is beyond me.

Think about it. If you voted no on the stimulus package, your whole future as a politician rests in its failure. What are the GOP going to do now, work to make it a success? Doubtful. Effectively, they have bet on political and economic Armageddon. Which would you hope for?

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Anonymous said...

Karl Rove, consigliere

Were Rove as clever as he's been credited, he would never have put his talent in service of a fool like George W. Bush.