Friday, February 06, 2009

Bad Times A Comin' - Welcome to George Bush's America Re Dux

Some Arizona State University employees who are being laid off will face a double whammy under the university's new furlough policy.

In response to the state's ongoing budget crisis, the university was forced to eliminate up to 550 positions through attrition and layoffs, a number that could grow by an additional 1,000 jobs. The process of issuing 90-day layoff notifications began several months ago.

Last week, ASU President Michael Crow announced plans to require each of the university's 12,000 employees to take up to 15 unpaid days off by June 30, which would save $24 million.
That's like getting slapped with an F-you after being given the finger. Thanks for the collapsing economy George!

It's bound to get worse. When they start cutting back on education in times when the very thing people need is more training, you will see that there is nothing but a great sucking sound about to drown everyone in the cesspool of a global economy triggered by eight years of the W, Rove and Co. high quality government.

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