Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Memorial Day Distracted

As the smoke peels
From your grill
Can you see
Our volunteers
Strung out
All over Iraq
Dug into the
Sea of sand

Or does it sting
As the dogs sear
And you cram down
Yet another beer
with nary a care
About what happens there

As the rich get
Richer still,
And you get stuck
With the bill

The war machine
Rages unencumbered
Driven, unchecked
Churning another

And another dollar bill
For those with shares
In companies
No bidding their way
In to contracts

Tossed into their laps
By pals they elected
Into political positions
Where they were able
To start the ignition

On yet another mission
Justified with blind ambition
And falsified ammunition
Bowling over the population
With fear and trepidation

Causing yet another military
Family to grieve
While you are grilling

And the smoke peels
Away leaving us raw and burning
For the promised justice
And justification

To no avail
We wait for
A new set of politicians
To deliver us from
A tenuous position

Stuck in a quagmire
Regardless ambition
Roots us in for the duration
Divorce no longer an option

Brought to you by
A man, using the excuse
To save us from the
Terrorism, only leaving us
Married to an crumbling
Iraqi Institution

Where our own Constitution
May crumble
As we fork over its protections
and the very freedom
The Military was intended
As its salvation

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