Friday, May 16, 2008

Finally Figured Out How I Lost My Appetite For Blogging

Regular readers of my posts may have wondered why I haven't been posting as much...or perhaps not (realizing that I may have an over inflated sense of my importance in the blogosphere). It could be that after several years of haranguing the Republicans, they are withering on the vine & no longer interesting, or important. One right winger puts it succinctly:
Mr. Bush has left the party at a disadvantage in terms of communications: "He can't articulate. The only asset we have now is the big microphone, and he swallowed it."
Given how the run up to November has gone, McCain proves that he deserves his nickname, "McSame."

Bush has become toxic for his own party. Those that would suggest he's a powerful man will discover how the GWB poison affects the overall operation quite evidentially in November. No doubt the term Landslide victory won't be applied to McSame. It's going to be Obama's to lose, as George Bush will prove to be a substantial liability to the whole GOP endeavor.

Blog on friends, blog on all.

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Anonymous said...

He can't articulate?

Bush was elected on how he made his points, 'I'm an ordinary guy, I'm one of you.' The problem was not how Bush made his points, the problem was the points he made.

Bush could get into the ring but he couldn't take a punch. He compiled a winning record by appearing where contenders were vetted to take a dive. His managers made him think he was a winner. Sad for him. But worse for the paying audience.