Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is What Makes These Sexist? The Fact That Sweaty Palmed Masterbators Love These?

Does any one have a clue as to why Sarah Palin would consider the snapshot of her on a Newsweek cover sexist?

Could be because they are free porn from the poor mans' playboy.  Perhaps it is because images if Mrs. Palin are posted in the rooms around the US and used as brain candy for sweaty palmed masturbaters?  If the one above is a problem for Mrs. Palin, how about this one?

Or these other ones?

If you ask me, these are offensive because she may claim to be a runner, but from the looks of her, she looks more like a jogger.

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isabelita said...

Well, jebus, then, she shouldn't wear such revealing outfits, if'n she don't want no one thinking sexy thoughts about her!
She is among the most despicable pieces of crap that has ever drawn breath.