Saturday, November 14, 2009

The (sex) Appeal Of Sarah Palin

I hit on it this morning. With the forthcoming Oprah "interview" (as if they didn't feed her the questions ahead of time), it seems that America cannot get enough of the Sarah Palin.

Really, the reason why folks are drawn to Mrs. Palin like bugs into the zapper boils down to sex appeal and the hope to see carnage as she explodes in public. It's much like NASCAR Fans enjoy a great race. The autos, finely tuned sexy machines are fun to watch racing round the oval. Yet secretly, the masses in the stands wish for a most spectacular wipe out where those extremely expensive, sexy automobiles splinter into pieces and spill carnage about the track.

Sadly, with a long tradition of rubber necking at automobile accidents, the American people can't seem to get enough eye candy like Sarah Palin. And so, even though Palin has lost an election, quit as a governor, stumbled over numerous extemporaneous interviews, and most certainly had some kind of help "writing" her book, it will probably sell like red fish candy to kids on their way to school after they stole some coins out of their parent's change jar.

Never mind whether you buy the book (to have and to hold), or fall prey to her version of what's spelled out inside.  We all know that for every reader who succumbs to Palin's sex appeal, they and many others are secretly hoping she spins, crashes into the wall, flames out and splinters apart in a most spectacular wipe out and we are there to witness it.

Of course, I'm not the only one who may think this:
"There is something about her which is very hard not to be drawn into," says Colin Robinson, co-publisher at OR Books, which is putting out a collection of essays pulled together by two senior editors at The Nation magazine. "It might be a sort of adoration. Or it might be that one is appalled. But you can't stop watching."
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harkadahl comment on: Leaks launch Palin's 'Going Rogue' with that ol' campaign fervor at 11/13/2009 12:09 PM EST

Dimly aware that she'll never get voted as President, she'll happily settle for the runner-up prize of screwing her witless supporters for money with a big shiney book - pictures and all!