Friday, November 27, 2009

34 Homeless, 13 Hells Angeles & One Infant

Delayed post as I've been up to my neck in a whole mess of other thing, and one massive deadline. I did my usual run on Thanksgiving. The same route as usual, except for one part through the park that is undergoing renovation.

Two things that were remarkable.

1) I found out why the Hells Angels are always in town for this day. Apparently, they donate a whole bunch of time to cook dinner for needy folks in town. They treat themselves to breakfast afterward. It's always the same cafe, for some odd reason. It's not even the best cafe in town. Must be because they are willing to put up some cones to reserve the parking spaces out front so they can ogle their bikes as they much on their scones and lattes.

2) Of all the years that I have been conducting my informal survey on the run, I've never seen a baby in the mix. This year, I saw a clump of folks, one looking much like a proud father, hoisting an infant into the air, making googly noises at the baby. There was a woman nearby, that seemed like the mother, sucking on a cigarette.

So, when it gets down to it, the numbers were not overly large, but not astonishingly small. I spotted 34 homeless, including one infant. This, again, is a low ball estimate as you never know how many I missed as you can't see every one in the clusters. I make a point to only people whom I can actually see.

There were 13 Hells Angels already gathered at the cafe. As I pushed on from there, heading home, I saw a flock of other bikers headed to the rendezvous. So, the numbers were growing there.

Well, I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday, and spend the day pushing down some grandmother on your way to some black Friday deal for some trinket you didn't really need.

Blog on friends. Blog on all.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wind...Just dropped by to see if you are still running and counting on Thanksgiving. I see that you are.

I cannot tell from your post if you are complementing the Hells Angels for feed the poor or insulting them for ogling their bikes and not using the best cafe in town.

Cruising through your posts of late I did not see anything addressing the fudging the "scientific" data to promote global warming theories. Perhaps I just missed it. I was wondering how you felt from an academic POV on the subject.

Ends justifies the means?


windspike said...

Thanks for dropping in. I think Facebook is killing the blogosphere as we know it. No one is dropping in any more. They don't have the attention span for something more than twitter's 140 characters.

I was the one ogling the bikes. Some of them looked like they cost a great deal. Of course, so were they. I had never know that they were doing charity work before their breakfast at the cafe. So, I was impressed that even there was a soft side to the Hells Angels.

I've been on a tight deadline, so I missed the fudging of data which you are referencing. Do you have a link.


Oh, and what do you think of BIO being down? Or is it back up? I lost track.

isabelita said...

I drop in once in a while; and I don't do Facebook! Maybe the only person in the Pacific NW who doesn't!
Things are a bit blah up here right now, but I do hope they will improve.