Thursday, March 05, 2009

Case Closed - Who Wins?

If you have been watching the case for equal rights being made this morning, you know that it's now in the hands of the CA Supreme Court. Let's hope the good guys win this one. Perhaps this will sway your thinking on the matter.

Of course, you can plow through the mountain of material on this case on your own, but here's a slice from the NCLR blogger on site:
a decision upholding prop 8 will have on same-sex couples and families, answering that “having their families singled out on basis of characteristic bearing no relationship to their ability to contribute to society marks [same-sex couples] as second-class citizens.” This gets us back to the core of this case, and the core of what is wrong with Proposition 8: no minority group should be singled out in the Constitution, on the basis of a characteristic like sexual orientation, race, sex, or religion, without at least receiving the procedural protections that the Constitution provides through the revision process.

If Prop 8 is allowed to stand, it's clear who the losers will be. What's not clear is will the people of America have lost or won? I know where I sit on this question. What say you?

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Realist said...

Hey Windspike, an off-topic but important question: Are you still fellating the mass-murderers who brought us the 9/11 false flag attack and ignoring people who post comments rubbing your nose in the painfully transparent nature of it? Still getting your check each month from the C.I.A. for being a good little gatekeeper?

Anonymous said...

Earth to Major Tom

Off Neptune, off topic, off sense.

windspike said...

Real - I get the same check as you, don't I?