Saturday, March 14, 2009

Avoiding the Mahem of the Irish Bars on Tuesday, Here's a Dose of Traditional Irish

Micho Russell died a few years back, and we are all worse off for it. He's the whistle player here:

The Bothy Band Kicked Ass when they were together, their music still fills the set lists of many a trad session:

Altan has been on the circuit for a great long while, and I've seen them live twice. Kick ass smoothness:

And Mary Bergin, perhaps one of the best whistle players of all time. Any time I need an ego check, she humbles me:

A second dose of perfection:

The attraction of traditional Irish is that many people can do it, with a bit of practice, can become quite good:

Lastly, these guys are taking it to a new rockibily level and are playing the Great American Music Hall on Tuesday - get your tix now, they are bound to sell out.

Not only is the band super hot, their box player, Rene, makes playing the accordian look super hot!

Blog on friend.

Blog on all.

And, Erin go Bragh

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SheaNC said...

Hey, thanks for the clips. As a guy with mostly-Irish heritage, I am a fan of this stuff, but alas, my LP's are gone.