Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Rummy, Down But Not Out

Remember Donald Rumsfeld?
Q John McCain is out there saying that Donald Rumsfeld may go down as one of the worst Defense Secretaries in history. Is that something you agree with? (Laughter.)

MR. SNOW: I think on this one --

Q The Vice President has called him one of the -- if not, the best, I think.

MR. SNOW: Look, we think Donald Rumsfeld was an enormously consequential and effective Secretary of Defense, and somebody who led to the transformation of the Department of Defense. Senator McCain holds a different point of view. The thing that's important to us right now is that Senator McCain is a strong supporter of the President's position on the way forward in Iraq and somebody who has been an eloquent voice and a reliable leader on the issue, and we appreciate it.
Consequential? Sure, but effective at what is a better question.

Well, speaking of Rummy, I heard via the blogisphere somehwere (apologies for not having the appropriate link) that aparently, he's been given the boot, but he's still got an office in the Pentagon and a staff sponsored by yours and my tax dollars. Sounds like he is down, but gets the usual royal treatment by the W, Rove and Co for bad performance.


Kvatch said...

Oh please tell me that Rummy's office is on the West Side in the E-Ring. (OMG! Was that my outer voice?)

Enlightenment said...

Not sure where his new office is. But it's easy to remember where his old office was. Just think of the farthest place in the Pentagon from where the "hijacked" "airliner" crashed into it on 9/11. You know, the "airliner" that didn't leave an airliner's wings, tail section, fuselage etc. on the Pentagon lawn like any REAL airliner would have? The one that hit on the ground floor but whose engines didn't make any furrows in the ground even though a REAL 757's engines would be travelling 10 feet BELOW ground level for the nose of it to hit where we have been told it hit?