Sunday, September 05, 2004

Another instalment from Iraq

Hello all, I just got a bunch of pics and some email from my brother in Iraq. I posted one that doesn't give away position at all. Just see the shot in the prior posting.

Here are the email notes:

Attached are a couple of photos taken within the last week. I hope everyone is doing well. Things here are still great! Still lots of action, which sure makes the time go by fast. As to the photos, the night time shot was taken the same night/morning we got into a firefight (last week). The daytime photo was taken this morning outside one of our Forward Operating Bases (FOB).

The picture below was n Iraqi Nasser Rocket. One of many that have been launched at us. Dug down to the warhead to see if it was intact. It was in pieces with explosives throughout the hole.

Photo 0165 in prior posting: Iraqi Nasser rocket going up in smoke. Fire in the hole!

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