Monday, September 13, 2004

9-11 was no fun in Baghdad

This just in from my brother:

It has been a busy week plus, I've left the family off a few of my last e-mails. Didn't want the family to start worrying about me. My wife already let me know that she didn't want to hear about my work here in Iraq. I think her exact words were "too much information." She tends to worry a lot. Also, I don't need Mom worrying more than she is probably worrying already. If you want, I can dig up and forward you a couple of e-mails that I sent back to a few friends and coworkers. The e-mail will get you up to speed on life here in Iraq. Just let me know. Otherwise, all is going well here. Things are very busy one day and slow the next. It all depends on the bad guys outside the fence.

This year's 9/11 anniversary was extremely busy. The enemy hit us with multiple rockets (as expected) to mark the occasion. One of the rockets hit within a tent city severely injuring one person. The victim is now in the U.S. and last word is that he may not make it. The guy was hit while coming out of the shower trailer. The blast and frag took off most of the guy's lower half. I feel pretty sad for the victim and his family. Taking this into account, morale took a slight hit on Saturday, but it was only a glancing blow. The Army loses a guy or two every week it seems. That said, everyone here is still mission focused, i.e., get the country back on its feet so we can bring everyone home.

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