Sunday, August 15, 2004

A solution to the Same Sex Marriage Issue

I think I have hit on a simple, grass roots solution to the controversial, gay/same sex marriage issue. In my view, marriage doesn't need protecting. In fact, my marriage is only strengthened when two people who love each other make a commitment to live together to the same degree as anyone entering a marriage(That is, enter into a committed, monogamous relationship).

All like minded individuals who believe the same thing should be out about their views by officially recognizing and validating any person's marriage regardless the sex of their chosen partners.

To that end, I openly and actively validate the marriages of all persons who have decided to get married, regardless of gender/sex/orientation. If all who believe the same do the same, and act accordingly, perhaps we may reach a critical mass and sway our government toward the legal recognition these couples deserve.

Let us agree, that, here in forward, all those wishing to officially recognize all marriages of two persons - regardless of the myriad gender and orientation combinations - should post their affirmation as a comment to this blog posting.

If you are comforatable doing so, please identify yourself in the comments. The idea is to be open and out about who we are and our beliefs to hammer home the point that more people are in favor of equal rights for all, rather than acquiesce support for institutionalized discrimination by remaining silent.

Thank you for being out about this,


P.S. You don't need to be a blogspot or blogger member to post, just hit the anonymous posting option and identify yourself in the body of the text if you feel comfortable doing so.


Anonymous said...

My name is FJ Cava and I'm in full support of what was written above. I think more people should do stuff like this. Otherwise how is change supposed to take place?

Thanks for doing this Aaron.

Anonymous said...

I strongly support any caring and loving family, regardless of who they are.

- Read Vanderbilt

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Aaron, for encouraging us to stand up and be counted. I'm not really anonymous, I am Andrea Rutledge and I am the openly supportive sister of a out lesbian. When the time comes, I will be proud to stand beside her and validate her marriage, as I have stood beside others who have chosen marriage.

For me, marriage is about commitment to a common set of values and goals; the synergy created by two people who together can accomplish what each alone could not; and celebrating the sheer tenacity of two people chosing to live their lives as partners-for-life.

"It is not an estate to be entered into lightly..." intones the Book of Common Prayer and those who choose to do so, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, or any of the rest of it, should be acknowledged, accepted, and joyfully celebrated as people of strength and purpose.

Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Rock City here... you can count me in!

Anonymous said...


Andrea forwarded your site along to me and it is with pleasure that I respond. As an openly gay woman who enjoys friendships with gay and lesbian couples who have been together for over 25 years -- I support our right to legalize our commitment to whomever we choose to make that commitment. While encouraged by some of the states who are legalizing gay marriages, it is not enough. I should have the right to determine who receives my social security benefits since I am the one who has paid into them most of my life. I should have the right to not have to pay attorneys to draw up powers of medical and financial attorney forms just so my partner can legally represent me. I am encouraged each time I see the term "domestic partner" as one of the choices for type of relationship on various forms. I am encouraged by the number of religious leaders who are spending time creating equal (and yes sometimes separate) commitment ceremonies for gay and lesbian partners. I am encouraged at our political clout though I hate to think we are simply another one of the large lobbying groups in Washington. For those of you working hard to support our rights, I thank you. But it will take more than simply public statements of support. And it will take more than a state by state vote of support. It will take action at the federal level for this to change. Please vote responsibly this coming election. - Janet Pepin

susansays said...

Vote Kerry. "W" needs to be out of office. He is a detriment to our country politically, civically, environmentally. It's amazing how bad things are in such a short time in office. Let's get the weasel out! Stop the bleeding (may not be possible). We don't need another 4 years of a religious fanatic in the white house.

Anonymous said...

Well how can I not post my 2 cents? Darby here, and having grown up with two fabulous moms in one of the healthiest, most loving, nurturing, and special relationships ever, it makes me absolutely furious that anyone would deny the validity of their relationship. I have been so fortunate to have not one, but two wonderful women as mothers, mentors, and role models - how can that possibly be bad? Spread the word, keep being open about your opinions...that is the only way we can get anywhere - oh, that and we have got to get W out of the white house!

Anonymous said...

Hear hear. More committed relationships of whatever gender combination.
Amy Baker

Anonymous said...

Layne Martin here - I am proud to add my support to this post, and hopefully help recognize and validate anyone's ability to express their love and devotion to one another.

Thank you to Aaron for providing this arena for open discourse on such an important topic. Here's hoping that we can change America's pattern of discrimination - and look back on this 20 years from now as our generation's civil rights contribution to humankind.

Anonymous said...

Where's the line then.
Why can't I marry my Goat.

windspike said...

Dear Anon,

I suppose if you want to use that line of argument, you can, but I don't think most folks will want to marry a goat and goats are very different than people, no?