Friday, October 02, 2009

Why Can't Politicians Come Clean Like Letterman?

I have no idea what kind of field day the right wingers are having with the revelation that Letterman - of all people - had sex with people who worked for him. What I do know is that his confession was very classy, and well, funny. The Politicians muck around in their mire. Dave swooshed right through it to a higher plane. Of course, the French must love Letterman more, but I don't have to condone his action to appreciate his classy approach to this confessions.

Me, I don't approve. But I can forgive him. What makes him different from some of the others is a lack of hypocrisy? Don't know....will have to chew on it.

Moreover, you have to give it up to a man who begins such proceedings thusly: "Do you fell like a story?"

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