Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Elephant Is Squashing It's Own House

If you ask me, the GOP has a serious amount of house cleaning to do. And only they can do it:
I’ve been loath to admit that the shrieking lunacy of the summer — the frantic efforts to paint our first black president as the Other, a foreigner, socialist, fascist, Marxist, racist, Commie, Nazi; a cad who would snuff old people; a snake who would indoctrinate kids — had much to do with race.
Racism is the GOP's elephant in the room that no one is dicussing. Unfortunately, the right thinking republicans (if there are any), may not have the spine to challenge their racist peers.


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American education, where graduates don't understand how the world works


'Consider the campaign funds given to the chairman and ranking minority member of the Senate Finance Committee, which has jurisdiction over health-care legislation. Chairman Max Baucus of Montana, a Democrat, and his political action committee have received nearly $4 million from the health-care lobby since 2003. The ranking Republican, Charles Grassley of Iowa, has received more than $2 million. It's a mistake for one politician to judge the personal motives of another. But Sens. Baucus and Grassley are firm opponents of the single-payer system, as are other highly placed members of Congress who have been generously rewarded by the insurance lobby.'

- It's Simple: Medicare for All, Washington Post, 13Sep09


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4. Reader In Wash, DC
September 13th, 2009
8:15 am
Gee Marueen, you're as bad as Gail Collins with linking Joe Wilson to the anti tax tea partiers. This country is flat broke and in debt up to its eyeballs so anyone who opposes more government spendind is a racist. If Obama can save billion in medicaid / medicare fraud and waste why has he not already done so ? Obama is lying. You can't provide health care / insurance for 45 million more people without cost increases and or rationing. That's like telling someone they can loose weight by eating more then they already do. But no increase in calorie usage (exercise.)
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One writer and 324 readers of the New York Times don't understand that someone else's cost in dental caries is a real cost, the bill 'Paid' in pain and suffering.

They also fail to understand 'insurance' - what it is, how it works, what it's for.

'Insurance' is about risk management. There is no 'risk management' under universal healthcare, all risks are covered. Universal care is not an insurable event.

Universal care is deciding what healthcare events are covered and paying for them. With universal care, the bulk of the health insurance bureaucracy; sales, rating, investing, evaluating and denying claims; is unnecessary and falls away, leaving only a remnant selling health insurance over and above universal healthcare - as in the UK where both private insurance and public healthcare coexist.

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