Sunday, May 03, 2009

GIs Still Coming Home In Flag Draped Boxes

George Bush thought that letting people snap and share photographs of GIs returning home in flag draped boxes was the wrong message and disallowed it. I say, not.

The American people are not made of solidified high fructose corn syrup and we won't melt in the face of bad, rotten, or even worse news. In fact, sharing the grim reality helps us a) come to terms with how bad things really are, and b) possibly more readily contribute to a solution.

There was a lot wrong with how George Bush ran his Whitehouse. His legacy lives, unfortunately. And, the war that George Bush and his cronies brought us, is still delivering sadness in the form of dead GIs in flag draped boxes.

Fortunately, the new President is treating us like adults rather than children, and is hopefully going to put an end to the unnecessary expense of American GI lives. In the meanwhile, for the families that lost their loved ones, the grief is very real.

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Anonymous said...

Washington Post UsrID leochen24511's comment on: Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan Is Fired at 5/12/2009 5:11 AM EDT

I joined the Army in the Sixties and Vietnam was my war.

After over 58,200 U.S. Army Combat Soldiers and Marine came home in body bags and another 303,600 were wounded, we finally called it quits. We lost.

'Course, we never should have been there in the very first place.

But it took the sacrifice, the lives of over fifty eight thousand, two hundred of American Combat Soldiers and Marines before our political and military leadership admitted that we held the losing hand, that we needed to cut our losses, and go home.

Most folks can tell by now that our Invasion and Continued Military Occupation of Iraq was a Costly Mistake, whether measured in the Millions of men, women, and children who were killed, whether measured in the TRILLIONS of Dollars that it has and will cost our already BANKRUPTED Treasury, or whether measured in the military-political quagmire that we are locked into.

If our War on Terror, [as waged in Iraq or Afghanistan], is anything like our decades old War on Drugs, we are definitedly holding the losing hand again -- our "unique skill set in counterinsurgency" not withstanding.

BTW, there's also Pakistan -- with their Nuclear Weapons -- [just next door to Afghanistan] that's in "a downward spiral" too. There's also the Taliban and al Queda -- [know the difference?] -- waiting for us to come on over, [whenever we're done doing our "counter-insurgency" thing in Iraq and Afghanistan].

They're waiting with their very effective counter-counter insurgency ops.

Does anyone else think that whatever we're "doing" in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and soon in Pakistan may be insane?!

I mean, shouldn't we be asking just who the Hell is in a "Downward Economic Spiral"?! Just who the Hell is suffering through The Great Recession?!

Most of us can see TRILLIONS Of Dollars worth of Assets going up in smoke -- over here! Most of us can smell Capitulation in the air -- over here! Trust me -- we're holding a losing hand, and we've bet the farm.