Friday, May 01, 2009

Coming Up On Five Years of Blogging

I may be a relic, with the advent of facebook and twitter which were only a twinkle in some profiteer's eye when I first started. But tempus fugit.

Come June, I'll be five years old in the Blogoshpere. Can't really explain why I'm still around. Haven't cracked 100K hits, but maybe by then.

Is it's the fame and glory that drive me? Nope. I'm not certain I'm even famous to 15 people let alone had my fifteen minutes.

Or, it's all that money I made with adsense? Given that I've not made enough so far to even have google send me my first check, nope.

Or is it the ability to exercise the First Amendment almost daily? Perhaps.

Mainly, it feels like I've been pissing in the wind, occasionally doused with my own urine. Some times it feels nice, warm and refreshing. Others, cold damp and foul, like the stench of having consumed asparagus at the last meal.

In the end, I'm feeling like I'll continue. What say you blogosphere?

Blog on friends.

Blog on all.


Anonymous said...

Which sucks least, blogging or not blogging?

SheaNC said...

I guess I have been traveling on this road with you for almost the whole time... I started in late October 2004. I'm not sure when we met up, but it was sometime in the beginning of that journey, I think. Those were some dark days between 2004-2008. And here we are.

I'll day this: your words have had impact. Your messages have touched peoples' lives. And since the internet is forever, they'll be there after we're dead :)

I'm glad you have been here for us. I'll bet others are, too. Blog on!

windspike said...


Yup, it's been a long and arduous four five years. Painful even, but I think the salve that is blogging helps vent the pent up angst.

Glad to know that there has been some affect for my having built a five year legacy of whispering to the globe. Hopefully, the net is positive rather than negative influence.

Anon - blogging sucks the least.