Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Here's An Alternative To Buying Yourself A Gift This Holiday Season

This is just one way to actually do good instead of indulging your inner headonist this Holiday Season. There are many more - local, state, national, and international - causes worth contributing to as opposed to feeding the massive consumer machine that has served as the rotting foundation of George Bush's Economy.

Any other good ideas on where to spend cash you may have on hand instead of buying extravagant gifts for yourself or loved ones? Post away.

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Anonymous said...

Every year we adopt a family through the Salvation Army.
All year long we donate to St Jude's Children's Research Hospital.
Also all year once a month I cook a full meal and donate it to a friend's church for distribution to needy families.
Once a month I donate a night to Iraq Soldiers/packing boxes and getting them shipped out.
Once a year we doante 100.00 to the ASPCA.
And I also volunteer to take an old person in need to doctor appointments or grocery shopping and the person I am assigned to also gets a a dinner and a breakfast from me once a week as well which I hand deliver to her.