Friday, November 21, 2008

The Dominos Start To Fall

I've been saying this for a great long time, but the Gitmo situation may actually result in the necessary release of some potentially dangerous people, leaving us taxpayers on the hook for the indiscretions of the W, Rove and Co.
A federal judge ruled here for the first time Thursday that the Bush administration had no basis for holding several of its long-term prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and he ordered that five of the Algerian natives go free.
It's only a matter of time before these people and their fancy lawyers sue the pants off the W, Rove and Co, and we the American People will be forced to cover the damages allocated because we let them get away with it.
"For seven years, the Bush administration sought to avoid the courts because it had no evidence and sought instead to create a lawless prison," said Vincent Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. "We must note that justice here, however, comes seven years too late."


Anonymous said...

Money makes the mare go

The 'dangerous' are prohibitionists who believe the War on Drugs does anything other than fund criminal and terrorist enterprise around the world.

Anonymous said...

And who wants them to have fancy lawyers at taxpayer expenses?
and we wonder why the US is a laughing stock?
They will probably say look how stupid America is that we can use their own laws against them.

windspike said...

We could have insisted that the president not place us in the Gitmo situation in the first place. If you were illegally detained in Gitmo, wouldn't you hire a fancy lawyer to reclaim the 7 years of your life lost to this lunacy?

Anonymous said...

Well for one alot of the original captures were released the remainder of them would gladly come and blow your house up at best. Too bad they missed out on 7 years of blowing people up and killing our soldiers.
It's only illegal because they have loonies sticking up for them yet these same people couldn't wait to hang Scooter Libby on a trumped up ridiculous charge. Let's be a little realistic here.
I bet if Clinton or Obama had these guys detained we wouldn't even know or care about it. And that I would guarantee you.

Anonymous said...

Let's be a little realistic here

We a nation of laws. Y/N