Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's Wrong With The Way The President Thinks?

Many things, I'm sure, are wrong with the dualistic approach the President deploys regularly to convince the American People that he is right to violate our rights. But really, don't you think that it's time he stopped using Nine Eleven to shape policy and make decisions? Truly, you can't say this and be right:
The enemy who attacked us on September the 11th is determined to strike this country again.
Those guys died in the planes they drove as weapons of mass destruction. They can't by default, attack us again. Sure, he's talking more generally, but trying to reduce the rationale for violating our rights and illegally wire tap us into one sentence doesn't cut the mustard in my book.

Sure, we need folks to go after the terrorists that might do us harm, but what of the harm the President has done to us? Who is going to protect us from him?

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Anonymous said...

June 20, 2008 White House speech blank space filler

Bush: 'This legislation gives our troops the funds they need to prevail without tying the hands of our commanders in the field or imposing artificial timetables for withdrawal.'

Birds will fly with untied wings until they fall from the sky of their own accord, not on an imposed artificial timetable.