Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mr. Bush Makes A Proposal With Long Legs and Sustainablility in Mind...NOT.

Of course, the solution to solve the gas crisis now is to drill now for oil later? Any one else having flash backs to Whimpy's slogan, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today?"
With gasoline topping $4 a gallon, President Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to lift its long-standing ban on offshore oil and gas drilling, saying the United States needs to increase its energy production. Democrats quickly rejected the idea.
Of course, the Saudis are not cooperating with Bush, and they have oil now - plenty to off set the nut balls in the oil industry who are "bwaahaa haa-ing" their way to their Cayman Bank accounts with soaring profits.

Let's see, where did George W. Bush grow his industrial roots? Big oil? Hmmm...why hasn't he come up with something more creative like the Congress is trying to hammer out. Really, oil is evaporating as a resource. The price is only going to be temporarily off set until we supplant the strong addiction to oil with another source of energy - solar, wind, whatever. But drilling for more oil now only puts a small, short term dent in a hemorrhaging idea.

Of course, the folks with the "fuck the fish agenda, let's drill for oil now so I can drive SUV 100 miles round trip to that job that doesn't cover the cost of the gasoline to propel it" don't have any clue how that will affect their tuna sandwich that they crave for lunch. So, by all means, George. Have at it.

If you really want to see who the opening up of ANWAR and off shore drilling helps most of all, look at who's stepping up to the plate to back the measure - Big Oil, and do they have have our best interests in mind? Can you say 10 dollars a gallon at election time?

P.S. what happened to Iraq helping out to pay down their war debt with oil resources and revenue, btw?


TheLonelyArtistClub said...

After swimming through countless nut job conservative blogs (newsgnome being the most annoying to date), I feel like Lawrence of Arabia stumbling out of the desert as I find your site.

I'm interested to read more. Keep it coming.

windspike said...

Dear Lonely,

I'm sorry you were subjecting yourself to the "newsgnome." I've had a handful of interchanges with him and some were less than pleasant.

Thanks for the comment and pop over whenever you like.

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