Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Meanwhile, Bush Leverages Young Iraqi Girl For Political Gain

As the bombs continue to kill our GIs in Bush's Iraqi "Democracy Spreading" experiment, W continues to prove he there is no low to which he will sink to advance his political agenda. While he was busy preaching to the choir, he took an opportunity to leverage the situation involving a young Iraqi girl for his own political gain:
THE PRESIDENT: This is Dr. Christian, Dr. Karla Christian, who really symbolizes the best of America. She and a team of hers have performed surgery on a little Iraqi girl who was discovered by United States Marines. People in Nashville raised the money for the family; they were supported by the Marines there in Iraq, some of the Marines raised money; and they sent this little girl, whose heart was ailing, to America, right here to Nashville. And Karla and her team healed the little girl and she's back in Iraq.

And the contrast couldn't be more vivid. We got people in Iraq who murder the innocent to achieve their political objectives -- and we've got Americans, who heal the broken hearts of little Iraqi girls. Ours is a compassionate nation, that believes in the universality of freedom -- and ours is a nation full of loving souls that when they find a stranger in need will lend their God-given talents to help that stranger. And that's precisely what happened.

DR. CHRISTIAN: Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: I want you to thank your -- thank your team there for all the good work they've done.

DR. CHRISTIAN: Thank you for all you've done.

The ultimate Irony would be if this little girl is subsequently blown up in some collateral damage scenario caused by Bush's war in Iraq, wouldn't it? Think of it, GIs find young girl needs expensive heart surgery, raise funds to get fix her up in the good old US of A, send her back to Iraq, and bingo, she's on the wrong side of an explosive vest, or gets accidentally smoked by some young GI busy greasing some bad guys in some Baghdad neighborhood. Could happen, no?

Sure this is a rather fanciful hypothetical, but certainly probable. The thing I find more reprehensible is Bush's lame attempt at advancing his agenda, trying to win the "defining ideological war" of our generation on the backs of a young girl.


Anonymous said...

Defining the enemy

Bush: 'The enemy we face can only convince people to join their cause is when they find hopelessness. And so our strategy is threefold: one, protect the homeland; two, stay on the offense against these folks; and three, provide an alternative -- a hopeful alternative to despair and doubt and hopelessness.'

Find hopelessness and we'll kill you, you hopelessness finder you.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the team that picked the Iraqi girl up and brought her over to the U.S. Never underestimate the good that our men and women in uniform are doing. The Iraqi Ambassador himself said, "This is how you combat terrorism" Your words send there own collateral damage to our Marines. I watched the Father call the Marine in charge of the operation his brother. Lives were changed forever through that moment. Amenah will be an Esther to her people someday. Mark my words. That little girl should have been dead a long time ago. Noone was willing to help but we had a Marine that wouldn't quit fighting the war against hopelessness. Literally against all odds he pressed on and Iraq is a different place today.