Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Iraq Attack: Now You Can Relive It

Frontline has a new documentary that highlights the events that comprised/comprise "Bush's War." I caught it last night on the HD PBS channel.

If you would like to amplify your queasiness and heighten your belief that perhaps going to Iraq was the wrong thing to do, I suggest you watch it. The closing words, "Stalemate," really makes the whole Iraq "WMD Hunt, Liberation, Freedom and Democracy spreading" debacle more despicable and reprehensible on our part. Unloading the fury we unleashed on Iraq over these low five years seems less and less justified and more and more like a quagmire that could have been avoided if George Bush and his Administration was not there.

Unfortunately for America, we are now married to Iraq and much of it is all water under the bridge. Iraq has become a welfare state we can't afford (shoot, we can't even figure out how to fix social security. How can we be expected to support the Iraqis?) Can we apply for a divorce from Iraq under a new President? Doubt it. The bigger question is how do we hold the bastards that got us Iraq accountable for this mess? Perhaps it will never be allowed, but it that doesn't mean someone shouldn't be held accountable for it.

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Anonymous said...

How do we hold the bastards that got us Iraq accountable for this mess?

The things you're thinking of are illegal, immoral, or both. Of the things that aren't, the one that's sure to happen is the building of a Presidential Library in which everything stored there will be secret. If you're satisfied with the disappearance of a fool, the Library should do it, a monument to nothing.