Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Environmental Thought For The Day

I joined the local Bike Coalition last month...certifying that I will never be electable in any category if I ever dared run for any kind of political office. People mistakenly label bikers in my town as extremists (as to why they don't label us true conservatives is beyond me - e.g. I'm too cheep to pay for gas to drive my car or even pay the fare for local public transit; so my car sits idle most the year round unless I'm toting my windsurfing gear to the launch, but I digress).

I now get their e-news letter. In this last one, they linked up to a fun article that brings us to today's environmental thought for the day:
The biggest con running in the auto industry right now is the notion that hybrids represent some sort of quantum leap in green transportation. Not only is this patently untrue -- hybrid technology is actually decades old -- but it shamelessly plays to the hypocrisy of our society. If we really wanted to save the planet, instead of buying hybrids we would start walking. Or riding bikes. Maybe a few more of us would try public transportation. How about starting with slowing down to the speed limit on the freeway?
I rode my bike to work today. How about you?

Enjoy this little fun clip:

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enigma4ever said...

I walked...I walk everywhere...or try to...the 4 last times we moved I pudposefully moved within walking distance of all our Grocery Needs ( and coffee too)...And I bought a Retro Bike last summer, but it needed work- so that is my winter project ( I think I posted a picture of it last summer - July- it is a Beauty....can't wait to ride it this spring...)

Anyways good for you...we now call you a Biker....

Thanks for coming over to Enigma Cafe ( my little Hidden cafe- I put music and art there is a refuge) and at Watergate Summer I put Music every Night....and Tonight at both Locations- Mozart just for you....

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.....

( PS: I have thought of you and your blog alot this week- you were one of the places where I could count on good Scotty " analysis...thanks , keep up the great blogging)