Sunday, December 17, 2006

Still Awaiting The Bright Shinny Day When The President Follows His Own Advice

Okay, admit it: You wouldn't even know the President has a weekly radio address if you didn't click on this blog entry.

Does anyone actually listen to the President of is it a waste of taxpayer dollars for him to do this?

This week, we see the President preaching about being fiscally responsible as you finish up your holiday shopping. How many people out there would wish that the W, Rove and Co would follow their own advice?
When you decide how to spend your paycheck, you have to set priorities and live within your means. Congress needs to do the same thing with the money you send to Washington. That was one of the clear messages American voters sent in the mid-term elections. And one of the best ways we can impose more discipline on federal spending is by addressing the problem of earmarks.
If you ask me, the cost of one Iraq war is really fiscally irresposnsible. Might that cash has been better spent elsewhere? Oop, I forgot, W has put our stars and stripes in hock to pay for his illegitimate war on Iraq. He's not even paying for it up front, now is he? This means more taxes will have to be imposed some time in the future.

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